Giant asteroid approaches earth

Leondro Velarde, Reporter

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Have you ever wanted to see an asteroid pass Earth through your own telescope, but haven’t because you never know the perfect dates? Well, no need to worry. I have the perfect date to pull out that old dusty telescope you might, or maybe just buy one from the modern era.

On April 19 2014 JO25, an asteroid the size of about 6 NFL football fields, will pass by Earth. Scientists say this asteroid will be very close, but won’t wipe out all humanity like in the case of the dinosaurs. “Although there is no possibility for the asteroid to collide with our planet, this will be a very close approach for an asteroid of this size,” says NASA.

They have also stated where the asteroid will be. “The asteroid will approach Earth from the direction of the sun and will become visible in the night sky after April 19.”  


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