Colton High brings the “Fear” with This Year’s Haunted House

Erick Inzunza, Reporter

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The Colton High School haunted house has been around for six years so far. October 28th marks the 7th year that Colton High School will have their annual haunted house, lead by Mr. Martin and his students. This year, the haunted house is based on The Blair Witch Project, Lights Out and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

“This is my 2nd year making the haunted house,” says Cynthia Chavez with a smile, “but I like it as much as the first time.”

With all the fun, the screams and the chills that the haunted house creates every year, we’re left to wonder, where did the haunted house originate from? Mr. Martin explains that the haunted house was at first just a thing to do for his students. At first, it just started out as passing out candy. When Mrs. Rebecca & Mrs. Merina found out, they began to help Mr. Martin with creating the haunted house because they have a knack for it and they also have a lot of halloween spirit. Ever since then, it’s just been growing bigger and bigger every year.

“I don’t like a lot of scary things,” says Eric Zapata with a grin, “but I like doing the maze and scaring people.”

The Haunted House opened on Friday, 1st period. There were some who really looked forward to it, and others who feared it.

“It was really good,” Luis Cardenas, senior, states, “and really scary.”

Overall, Mr. Martin served about 20 or more classes who went through the Haunted House.

“Great turnout this year,” said Mr. Martin after they closed the Haunted House.

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