Creepy clowns terrorizing the nation

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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Multiple cases of the same psychotic acts have been reported nation wide of “creepy clowns” threatening harmful or even murderous actions towards random people. There might be more to this epidemic besides a bunch of bored teenagers wanting a good laugh at other people’s terror. With this deadly scare to all in the U.S. a little origin is due to  these scary “fictional beings”.

Clowns have long been associated with evil with numerous felonies tied to them along with darkness and the demonic realm, their dark history includes; financial ruin, murder, infedility, pedophelia. Now that our generation is plummeting in all aspects of government and morality, this is not a surprise why this epidemic has spurrted.

In a center of youth department survey of 250 kids ages 4-16, all kids have claimed they are afraid of clowns. There is a possible reason our society is afraid of these deadly rubber nosed beings, from the fear instilled by the infamous killer clown himself; John Wayne Gacy. In 2013, exactly 33 years after the incarceration of Gacy we began to see this bizarre phenomenon sweeping across the world in astonishing numbers. Coincidentally, freemasons and occultists revere the number 33 above all other numbers. This could be a possible cause of this epidemic, partially even boredom might even play a factor. Yet now they have blood on their hands of a teenager in Pennsylvania. Many other factors may apply but. This may be a major factor in this epidemic.

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