Local church holds outreach event to “feed” Colton’s spirit

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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October 1st is the date to save. From 12pm until 5pm Echoes of Love Ministries, teamed up with multiple churches, will be giving out free food, drinks, entertainment and school supplies. This event will happen in our own city of Colton at Fleming park, 525 N. La Cadena Drive, on Saturday October 1st. This is an open family event to give back to the Community in Echoes of Love Ministries’ 9th Annual Outreach.

The main purpose of this event is stated by Echoes of Love Ministries’ representative for this event, Pastor John de la Rosa, “ to sow into the community thee love of God, the word of God, and to give people hope in Jesus Christ”. To Echoes of Love this is an opportunity to scatter “seeds” in the community, but the term “seeds” is a way of giving people spurts of faith that with God can grow spiritually.

This event is the 9th year of being held, according to Pastor de la Rosa has grown in size by 500% since the 1st annual Outreach. Yet, Pastor de la Rosa has said “ we can’t go by what we see, but when the body of christ comes together, and the Lord does something, he doesn’t stop doing it.”.

As this event continuously is growing in size every year, Pastor John Paul Gutierrez agrees with Pastor de la Rosa that it will continuously be growing physically and God willing Spiritually. When the church, or “Body of Christ”, comes together they desire to see the everyday person, the unbeliever. With this hope to see the secular community they hope to see God working spiritually in their lives and to show them what the Lord has in store for them.

With this event they want families to feel love, be fed spiritually and physically, and mainly experience the love of God. They may not expect a larger amount of people to come but they want to see whoever who comes will hopefully be saved by the grace of God. (So, if you haven’t heard of this event and you would like a flier please see Mr. Rainey to contact Isaac Trujillo.)

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