Hillary opens up lead over Trump; election only two months away

Johnny Castorena, Reporter

As the 2016 Presidential Election come close to the final two months of actually campaigning, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls and the chance of Clinton becoming the next president is more evident. But what happened to cause this outcome?

Donald Trump’s speech and erratic behavior has caused Hilary to gain the lead after the Democratic Convention. During the Democratic Convention, the family of a Muslim American soldier who died defending his unit, came out and talked about Trump and what he thinks about Muslims. After the convention Donald Trump attacked the Khan family–he claimed that the wife wasn’t able to talk. The Khans also talked about how they claim Trump hasn’t sacrificed anything before. Trump responded by talking about all the jobs he’s created and the structures he made. The comments he made about the Khan family caused outrage on social media.

During a rally, Trump was talking about if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president she will be able to pick Supreme Court justices and there is nothing we can do about it. He then added, “although the second amendment people.” The second amendment is the right to bear arms, he is basically telling people to go hunt Clinton. When people found about this, they were outraged that he was making irresponsible jokes. A presidential candidate was telling people to use their “second amendment right” against presidential candidate Clinton.

When Trump was on a republican radio show he claimed that President Obama was the founder of ISIS. He then said “He was the most valuable player.” He later said he was being sarcastic, but not too sarcastic. He also talked about him losing in the polls, he said the only way he is losing is because Clinton is cheating and the polls are lying.

All of these remarks and claims are now starting to hurt him in the polls and hurting his chances of becoming president. Hillary has the popular vote by 7.1% and her chances of winning is 83.8% compared to Trump’s 16.1%.