Why Does Rainbow Six Siege Still Exist?

Jaren Phipps, Reporter

So Operation White Noise is now out wrapping up year 2 of Rainbow Six Siege and just in typical Ubisoft fashion they have released the new operators broken and overpowered. This just brings up the question. Why does Rainbow Six Siege still exist? Why hasn’t the player count gone down to a point where it could be considered abandoned? I have a few ideas on how Ubisoft is keeping it alive.

First, DLC. Gamers these days love the sound of DLC (though I don’t know why games should come out fully baked with no DLC). Ubisoft pushes out 4 DLCs per year each one releasing 2 new operators that are super expensive and most of the time overpowered until they get nerfed into the ground.

Second, the game is fun most of the time. This is inevitably true. The game is fun and at times even worth the 60+ dollars that was spent on it. Matches are fast and tense and most of the time the players are pretty friendly, and terrorist hunt is fun for the whole squad.

Finally, Free 2 play weekends and Ubisoft trailers. It’s already well known that Ubisoft makes better trailers than there actual game and Rainbow Six is no exception. Along with that they let everyone play for free at the beginning of the year and once that free weekend was up they majorly discount the game to the players who did play in the weekend.

That’s why even though Rainbow Six is super unbalanced it still floats because Ubisoft has been in this business for years and they know how to get their buyers.