iPhone 8 Plus: Is it Really Worth the Cash?

Cassandra Covarrubias, Reporter

Recently, I had bought myself the iPhone 8 plus and so far it has been a great phone. It originally came out on September 22nd, 2017. Due to the release, lines of people waited to get their hands on the new device, but I do not see the point of waiting!

I got my phone without waiting those long lines and dealing with people. I opened the box and the instructions were on top the device, then I took them off and there it was. The iPhone 8 plus, the screen looking glossy and brand new. No scratches, no cracks, nothing. I picked it up a began to set my phone up. After I was finished doing that, I picked the charger and earphones up, they looked cleaner than ever.

The overall review of the iPhone 8 plus is that it’s pretty better than all the other 3 iPhones I had owned. Camera quality is super good! Screen quality is super good also, great volume. Overall, one of the bests phone.