What to expect from the new iPhone8

Brian Navarro, Reporter

With the quantitative success of Apple’s iPhone generational series it is likely that, you reading this article have an iPhone in your possession. Apple is now on the verge of releasing their eighth installment, and tenth year anniversary special configurational phone “the iPhone 8.” The set first impression/reveal date is on Tuesday, September 12 or possibly Wednesday, September 13. The release date will be either Friday, September 22, or Saturday, September 23. The dates are not official because of speculation of rumors on further delays. Either way when it releases it will sell quickly and if you plan on retrieving a device early your odds are slim because of sell outs.

Now, is this phone worth the hype? Well with its outstanding predecessors you maybe asking yourself what can possibly get better; and that’s what i will inform you of in this article. The biggest change found in the leaks for the upcoming device the screen to body ratio; which ultimately means more screen less bezel. With the advancement of the display this leads to the removal of our beloved home button to an in screen mechanical button. Apple is going to upgrade to an oled display in which produces its own light an energy which leads to the conservation of power and battery. Apple will finally have wireless charging with the iPhone 8 Were also looking to see advancement in the internals of the device with a higher rated A 10 fusion chip and an A11 processor. As far as photography goes apple is set to release a dual lens camera seen on the iPhone 7 plus. Safety and privacy are also huge ongoing issues so apple is set to release a 3D facial recognition sensors to unlock your device in replacement to touch id. With the new mechanisms they’re also prepared to unveil a new copper color for the iPhone line up.


The iPhone 8 will release in 3 models: a 4.7 inch, a 5.5 inch, and and a 5.8 inch model and not all will have an LED display; but more is to come in the soon coming official revelation of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone.