Popular app VINE to shut down

Popular app VINE to shut down

Johnny Castorena, Reporter

Did you enjoy watching those six-second long vines from the app’s content creators? Well the Vine owners are shutting down the app soon, and many of their content creators are leaving the app to a more popular and sustainable websites like Youtube and Facebook.

The reason the app is shutting down is because Twitter (the owner of the app) has seen that the app popularity has fallen every month since Twitter acquired it in 2012. Twitter also is moving over into the livestreaming world of video content. They have the app Periscope and they have also started livestreaming popular events in the twitter app itself. With Twitter moving into a more live atmosphere there is no need to keep up the Vine app that has been falling in popularity.

Don’t worry about all of your popular Viners, many of them are going to still create content for you just not on the social media app Vine. Many of them have started creating content and posting it on Youtube for all their fans and followers. It doesn’t seem as if changing social medias has hurt them. Many of their fans and followers have accepted the change with open arms and have no problem with Vine shutting down.

But Twitter isn’t shutting down Vine right away–the plan is to slowly shut it down. Even after the app is shut down it is reported that the Vines won’t automatically deleted. The Vines will stay around for a little while before Twitter decides to inevitably shut it down. And content creators will also be given the option to download all of their Vines so that way they don’t fade away. So you better hurry and watch all of your favorite Vines before they disappear.