Snapchat Glasses burst onto tech scene


Linny White, Reporter

The app Snapchat has grown in popularity ever since its release and it’s still growing to this day. With the release of the new Snapchat Glasses coming to stores, who knows how popular Snapchat will get?

Snapchat, who has now rebranded themselves as Snap inc, has unveiled that they are releasing a piece of hardware that can be used with the app the result is glasses. With these glasses you will be able to connect them to your phone and take Snapchats from your perspective. You can relive moments the way you saw them every time. These glasses work with Snapchat while your phone is off. Snap, inc is calling these glasses, “Spectacles.”

Spectacles will be priced at $130. People have also speculated that they can be compared somewhat to Google Glass. Spectacles have only been seen so far in one style but in the future it is possible that we will see more styles.

This is an amazing idea and a big technological advancement, keep going, Snapchat!