Sleep cycle App: but can it get you to school on time?


The new sleep cycle app promises you a restful night’s sleep by charting your sleep patterns.

Linny White, Reporter

Do you have problems sleeping at night, or maybe even waking up in the morning? Are you always too tired and think you need to manage your sleep better? Read more, as I have a solution for you!

The simple answer to your problems comes in at 66.1 megabytes and is absolutely FREE! If you own a smartphone you can easily just search “Sleep Cycle” on the AppStore. Before you go to bed plug in your phone and turn on the app, all you have to do is follow the apps instructions and sleep! It’s extremely simple and it adjusts itself to wake you up when you’re more awake instead of when you’re in deep sleep. It does this from using the microphone while the phone is next to you, it completely blocks out fans, snoring, etc.

Fix your sleep today for free, download the app and wake up with enough time to get ready and get to school.