Rejoice! The iPhone 7 is here!

Johnny Castorena, Reporter

On Wednesday September 7 Apple revealed their new Iphone, the Iphone 7, to positive and not so positive responses from consumers.

To start off their event they showed off the new Iphone’s design. The phone’s design is now more slicker than the previous generations. Apple also now offers the color option of black for their Iphone. During the event they also showed off their new specs for their Iphone.Most of the new software upgrades just help you have a more faster and slicker experience.

The iphone 7 is now water resistant. Something that the Android market has been doing for a while. The iphone now has a better camera, and if you get the iphone 7 plus it has two cameras for better field of view better zooming abilities. The iphone 7 also has better speakers for music and calling.

One of the main reasons why people got made at the iphone 7 is because they got rid of the headphone jack. They got rid of it so that they can sell an adapter so that you can use your earphones, if you don’t buy the $150 dollar bluetooth earphones they are selling. Removing the headphone jack is seen as a way for Apple to get some more money out of you.

Overall Apple’s new iphone 7 looks like it will be better than the iphone 6 and many of the Apple’s loyal customers are going to be happy with what they are offering.