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Senior Anthony Gomez is a motivated, focused young man who finds himself on the 2021 Homecoming Court.

Anthony Gomez focuses on his future and his friends

Anthony Gomez, without a doubt, is a focused guy.

This young man is the President of the CROSS Club, helps out with charities, and volunteers his time with the Eco-Friendly Friends club to recycle and “clean the world.” And that’s just what he does on school time.

I can’t decide on who wins or whether he is king or she is queen. I am there to support my friends.”

— Anthony Gomez, 2021 Homecoming King Nominee

On his free time, Anthony says he “likes to be productive.” It’s an unusual answer for a teenager. Most teens would tell you they go skateboarding, watch movies, spend time lost on their phones, or just relax. Instead, Anthony says, “I focus on my physique; focus mentally and physically.” This includes spending time outdoors and going to the gym.

Because Anthony is so practical, he has his sights set on his future. “My goals in life are to succeed . . . in order to do so, I would go to college and focus on business.”

Anthony has already expressed interest in applying to and attending Cal Poly Pomona. With a business degree, he looks to start either a photography or clothing business with his friend, Louis Pereya.

“[Anthony’s] ambitions are what inspired me to go into business with him,” Louis shared. “Anthony and I share the same passion of music, fashion and skateboarding, so over the summer we joined forces to create a clothing brand that appeals to his generation and mine . . . his out of the box thinking made this dream come to fruition.”

The only thing that has ever stood in Anthony’s way are the negative comments from those who don’t believe in him. He believes overcoming those comments to push forward and achieve his goals has been one of his greatest achievements in high school.

As for Homecoming, Anthony is humble about his election to this year’s court. “Since this is my first Senior experience, I would show my gratitude to all the students that participated with the votes because we would have never been in the position we are today.”

If he actually wins Homecoming King? On that, Anthony is truly practical. “I can’t decide on who wins or whether he is king or she is queen. I am there to support my friends.”

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