Distance learning, school closures hit class of 2020 hard

Tiffany Sandoval, Reporter

I assume just like any other senior, senioritis is hitting much harder now than ever. From here on out we are told to do school online due to the coronavirus.

For seniors it is a total mood killer, all senior activities are cancelled. Still have not heard back about refunds but I guess we will hear back about it when the time comes closer. There are many questions to be asked but we are told to reach the school district.

When doing homework online, you are aware of it, it just still does not happen to get done. Is it due to the lack of sleep the students are getting? That is a good question to be asked by when a student herself has a wacky sleeping schedule.

The first question I’m going to ask is if it will affect them and I got a response from Kevin Garcia, a senior at CHS: “No, I do not think sleeping late would affect it much, staying up late makes up as the time I would have if I were up early, if that makes sense? But work can be done whenever so I will have time for work” Meaning he will get his work done with no excuses. I will check back in and see if his views have changed within a month.

My next question is about laziness, motivation or sleep that you lack to not have your assignments done; the girl who answered was Bianca Paridinas who is an 11th grader, her sleeping schedule is a bit wacky but she said,  “I actually haven’t finished all of my assignments. I’d say i’ve done 80% of the work, which is good.” And her excuse being there is too much work being assigned and that “I think i’m not overwhelmed with the work i’m receiving from *some* classes, but the AP classes, for example, require multiple hours per assignment.”.

So from my understanding I don’t think sleeping can cause an issue because when discussing with friends they prefer going at their own pace and I completely agree but I feel Like in some point of time we are all going to lack motivation and suffer from senioritis the hardest.