ROP helps high school student prepare for college

Adriana Flores, Reporter

What is the ROP Program?

  • Colton Redlands Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program- “CRYROP”
  • The mission is to be the most influential, respected, industry-focused, and student-centered Career Technical Education program in our state
  • Eight career technical instructors
  • Career courses such as, Auto Service Tech, Digital Business Communications, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Graphic Communications, Medical Terminology, Health Information Technician (HIT), Medical Service Occupations, Medical Administrative Assistant- Front Office, Microsoft Office Specialist, STEAM Shop1&2, Sports Medicine & Therapy, and Welding Technology

How does ROP help students?

  • CRY-ROP helps students become career ready in high school
  • To get them technically skilled and academically prepared by providing quality Career Technical Education
  • To offer support to students as it relates to college and career readiness

How does ROP help for the students prepare for their future?

  • Takes all the information and understanding that you have been collecting in your core classes and helps you put it into skills that you can use at a job
  • Provides employability workshops so students learn how to successfully find, apply, interview and promote within any career
  • Programs are articulated with several community colleges so students learn how to apply to college and have college credits even before graduating from high school

What type of student is allowed to be a ROP Ambassador?

An ROP Ambassador is a representative of ROP career programs and opportunities offered at Colton High School. The role of an ROP Student Ambassador would be to provide communication links between ROP staff, students, and the community.

Are you the type of person…

  • Who enjoys expressing your opinion?
  • Who is always thinking about how something can be improved?
  • Who is looking for opportunities to network with busines experiences?


Are you a SENIOR or JUNIOR currently enrolled of have been enrolled in an ROP class?

If so, you may be a great candidate for the ROP Ambassador Program.

What kind of events does ROP host?

CRY-ROP helps in many events at Colton High and CJUSD in general:

  • Annual District College and Career Fair
  • Literacy fairs
  • School tours
  • Staff appreciation activities
  • Middle school presentations
  • Career days
  • Resource fairs
  • Leadership training
  • Career express online
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trips
  • Course advisories, etc…