Yodeling Ramsey moves the world

Fidel Elenes, Reporter

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“Yodeling Walmart Kid” is what the people are calling him and he’s moving his way up in the music industry. Mason Ramsey, has gained a lot of popularity when a video was uploaded to the internet of him singing “Your Cheatin’ Heart” by Hank Williams in a Walmart aisle. This 11 year old boy put on a spotlight when he sang at Walmart and a video was taken and showed up all over on social media. He caught everyone’s attention on Instagram, Twitter, and many other social networking websites. Ramsey who has been put in the limelight via the internet has now moved onto bigger and better things.

He appears on the Ellen Show and gets connects to his fans by giving some of his life prior to the viral video. Ramsey comes from a little town in Illinois named Golconda. He talks about how he always sings at Walmart but this last time he “got” what he wanted. Mason started yodeling ever since his grandpa taught him and is Mason now carrying on the tradition. His dream is to become a big country singer and move to Florida. Ramsey has big dreams packed in a little body but through networking, seems totally possible.

In less than a month this boy went from singing at Walmart to singing at Coachella. Justin Bieber and Beyonce were there as well along with tens of thousands of other spectators. Mason did his yodeling, not only on the internet, but in live performance and it was a success. The world cheers on this young country star and we’ll be waiting to see what else he has  to offer.

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