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President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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After long talks and heavy rumors made around the White House, President Trump has finally revealed information on his infrastructure plan – a plan for building or repairing roads, bridges, airports, seaports, energy projects and water systems. The document contains 53 pages of both blueprints and precise detail of the exhibition. President Trump plans to spend 200 billion in federal money into $1.5 trillion for fixing America’s infrastructure.  The large amounts of funding is putting the U.S. behind other nations economically. Only 200 billion of the 1.5 trillion will be coming from government funding the rest will be provided by state governing bodies.

Trump has has also stated that he went along with the project to view how funding would prosper within state legislatures. The tax money coming out of the U.S. citizens will be evenly divided to increase infrastructure on various buildings and expansions around the nation. Any extra money will be spent on things such as transportation, water, waste and power. Democrats have also mentioned their very own proposal which requires more funding.  President trump will also try to carry out what obama didn’t quite get to, which is to require specific agencies to use more advanced technology.

The plan also calls for other things such as pipe widening which will be allowed to be worked on by construction workers with minimal education such as a general education. All in all this plan is far fetched but we will sure go through with it. It might set us back economically but for security and protection and future advancement, it is vital.


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President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan