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These water bottles aren’t “just” any water bottle, they’re organic

Adolfo Ceja, Reporter

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Imagine a world where waste decays, reducing world wide waste. That world is here and now with “Just” water. Just bottles are organic and renewable materials; their made of 54% percent paper, 28% plant based plastic, 15% plastic, and 3% aluminum. The Just water bottle is made by plants so it decays in a month rather than a whole lifetime.  

According to their official website, they use biodegradable paper as the main material, keeping it’s structure and reducing carbon footprints. The aluminum foil barrier does an excellent job protecting the water from light, oxygen and other potential contamination.

Both the aluminum and paper are shielded by a layer of BPA-free plastic lamination to protect the integrity of the bottle. The cap of the Just water bottle is made from sugarcane and not from fossil fuels like petroleum. This significantly reduces our carbon emissions by utilizing a resource that grows back each year. Their water bottles are flat and unfold when they are filled. This is a highly efficient way to ship millions of bottles in a very tight space requiring fewer trucks and in turn, less energy and 1.5 million bottles fit into a standard 40 foot truck then other companies that would have same amount but would take 2.5 trucks to ship “pre-formed” bottles.

Just water bottles has the environmental properties of a milk or juice carton, which both contain high value materials, and are 100% recyclable alongside metal, plastic and glass. Access to paperboard recycling in the U.S. is growing steadily, thanks to the carton makers pushing towards 100% access. This water bottle is the next step in trying to be organic and save energy.

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These water bottles aren’t “just” any water bottle, they’re organic