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A free, fun time at Jingle Ball

Juliana Cruz, Reporter

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December 1st, I went to Jingle Ball Village. It was a free concert Jingle Ball had before the big concert. Jingle Ball Village had a bunch of new up and coming boy bands and singers. For example, In Real Life, Why Don’t We, James Maslow and Malia. All these acts are up and coming or well known. Now the concert started at around like 3 but the gates opened at 2:00 PM so I got there a little early to make sure I got a good view.

The first performer was In Real Life, a pop boyband. They performed some covers and a couple of their original songs. I’ve never heard a song, however, I knew somewhat of who they were. Their music was nice to groove and were good performers but this band isn’t really for everyone.

The second performer was James Maslow. Now a lot of people might know him because he was in the boyband and Nickelodeon television series, Big Time Rush. Maslow is a solo artist now and does a lot of fun music. I would definitely recommend to go see him in concert and listen to his music in general. The third performer was a girl named Malia, a Jazz singer from the United Kingdom. However, she only performed 2 songs because the main performers were coming on.

The last performer was Why Don’t We. Now a lot of people are familiar with who they are because of the YouTube star, Logan Paul. This is how I found out about them so I am very familiar with their music. I really liked their performance and had a great time listening to their harmonized vocals.

JuWhat’s even better than all the performances is that it was free and in between sets they were handing out free stuff like stuffed animals, free meet and greet tickets, Jingle Ball tickets, and a bunch of cool things. There was also a bunch of booths around the whole lot giving away free things. I had a great experience and recommend this to anyone who likes music and free stuff.

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A free, fun time at Jingle Ball