Millennial babies born on the cusp

Two CHS students, born minutes apart, but in different millennia

Adriana Flores, Reporter

Senior Saul Sanchez was one of the last babies that was born in the 20th century (he came into this world on Dec. 31, 1999).  Junior Joshua Sandoval was one of the first babies born on the first day of 2000. Born just minutes apart, they were however born in different millennia. Did they ever notice this fact growing up?

Senior Saul Sanchez looks around to examine the room; when asked, “How does it feel to be one of the last 20th century babies being born?” he looks down in disappointment. “It’s a little sad…I feel a little sad; there goes the 1900s,” yet with a smile he looks up and adds, “I feel somewhat special.”

Waiting patiently, junior Joshua Sandoval looks at the people around us in search of an answer, “Many people nowadays may not think it’s special, but I think it is really special in a way of my own.”

As Sandoval goes on to explain, “To my dad and stepmom it doesn’t mean much, but to my mom I think it means a lot because every time I call she tells me the story of when I was born. Oh, and also my grandparents like it, too.”

The story of when baby Joshua was born goes like this: the hospital was having a New Year’s party; they needed someone to deliver him, “so a nurse, who was dressed in a beautiful red party dress” decided to lend a hand and deliver him.

Meanwhile Sanchez sits in thought when scratching his head, “That’s a good one…I feel like I carry some history with me, I feel like I was the last generation to go outside and play with kids instead of with technology.”

Both Sanchez, who places his hand on his chin, and Sandoval, who repositions himself, sit in silence when they first face the question, “Have you ever noticed this special event?” They have thought about this before but, never really paid attention.

“You know what, I have, because of social media,” Sanchez laughingly recalls in embarrassment. Sandoval quickly points out, “I knew my birthday was special the moment I knew how to comprehend holidays. For me there’s no better feeling when remembering my birthday, it’s like everybody is counting down with me; I get the biggest smile on my face when I think of my birthday.”

The baby from the last batch of 1990s kids ends with, “I hope my generation is successful one day.”