Addams family visits Colton High

Eric Chavez, Reporter

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, and they’re here at Colton High, the Addams family! Who doesn’t love this abnormal family that America first met on the pages of New Yorker magazine in 1938?

Colton High Drama teacher Janis Aldrich introduced this musical to the Colton community– that’s right ladies and gentlemen, this is a musical– but did they really pull it off? The story revolves around Wednesday Addams’ (Mary Margret Bangcawayn) love for a normal boy Lucas Beineke (Riko Villarreal) and how she wants her family to get along with his family.

The musica’ls first half was definitely the better half, with a couple good laughs here and there. I feel the best performer was senior Aaron Bolanos, who played Gomez Addams. However, other actors such as Bangcawayn (Wednesday) and Alexis Felix who played Alice Beineke, had great vocals, and the best scene has to go to Felix’s Alice, when she let out all of her dirty little secrets.

After the play, senior Omar Lopez gave feedback on their performance: “I think that some of the actresses were really good with their vocal performances and their acting… others lacked in that area.” The play wasn’t all bad, its still a cool show to see and experience Aldrich’s version of the Addams family. Kudos to all involved in the production!

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