The Mockingbird is Alive once again

Alexis Ponce, Reporter

Ever wonder what happened to Scout Finch and the family of “To kill a MockingBird?” The wait is over. “I am humbled and amazed that this (new book) will now be published after all these years.” News say that Harper Lee, the author of To kill a Mocking bird, will be publishing her second novel “Go set A, watchman”, which features grown up Scout Finch and her elderly father, Atticus. In early July (or Pre-ordering it on Amazon) is when this book shall be publish which has thrilled many of her fans. Being involved in several legal skirmishes and controversies because of her old age. Questions have been raising whether she’s being taken advantage because of her age.

88-year-old Lee’s book has never been published and she is currently in poor health in an assisted living home near her hometown of Monroeville, Ala. has declined to speak publicly for decades.
“Completely Confident” Publisher Jonathan Burnham said to the Associated Press that Lee was fully involved in the decision to release the book.

Publisher’s original announcement, Lee is quoted as explaining that she abandoned the Watchman manuscript decades ago, after the editor suggested that she should write a new book from the young heroine Scout’s perspective and to set it during her childhood and that became the “Mockingbird.”