Taylor Rae Limon, Musician of the Week

Fidel Elenes, Reporter

Name: Taylor Rae Limon


Age: 15


Instrument of Choice: Tuba


Favorite Musician: Lindsey Stirling (violin)


Who/ what influenced you to play? When I was little my grandfather listened to classical piano with me and so I wanted to be a musician


How long have you been playing: I started out on the keyboard at 4 then, went to Piano then, saxophone, and clarinet  when I was ten when I came to high school I switched to percussion and ended up doing low brass for Jazz band and just stayed with the tuba since


What is your favorite song to play? I love playing Lean on Me by Bill Withers because it is one of the only songs I can play the melody to on such a low instrument


What keeps you going? The band is a really big family and I have become so close to so many of them that I couldn’t imagine trying to survive high school without their support. I also love playing, it really helps to get all of your negative emotions out and when the band finally gets through a song perfectly there is this sense of triumph that I have never felt with anything else