How after school activities may stress students out

Jillian Martinez , Reporter

In high school, students have crazy lives, from fights to relationships to drama and rumors. School leaves students stressed out because of sports, grades, and after school activities. I’ve noticed many students stress or have anxiety due to new classes they’re put in. Sports in high school are important for many students because they’re working towards scholarships, love the sport, or are working to achieve a specific goal. 

I’ve interviewed La’Niece Pacheco, from the swim team and cross country. Pacheco started achieving her goals when she saw how fun it was and how many of her friends were on the team. Also, because she loves what she does. She explained that she has barely started cross country, but still loves that her teammates and coach help in any way they can. Although she was on the swim team last year, she wants to join again because she enjoys being in the water; also, because she wants to achieve her goal of making it to CIF. 

Last year Pacheco almost made it to CIF, but missed by nine seconds. She is currently working hard to achieve her goal and practice for swim any way she can. Christopher Russell, who is on both the swim and in the band. He says he loves what he does in band because they get to go on trips to perform and also loves that his friends enjoy similar things. Russell also explained that he likes to be a part of the Swim team because it feels like he’s a part of a family. Pacheco and Russell love to be involved with their teams.  Although these students have similar interests, they are different in many ways just like every student in the school. 

Every student has a crazy life that involves either after school sports, hanging out with friends, or much more. The after school sports are good involving volleyball, soccer, football, softball, baseball, tennis and many more fun activities. These activities are good for the students to have them focus on much more including homework and studying. I believe that everybody’s lives after school include different activities but still hold the same anxiety, stress, or overthinking.