The Pepper Bough

Senior class President Menchaca wants you to enjoy your last year

Abigail Humphrey, Reporter

October 22, 2016

Senior class president Jesse Menchaca sits near the center of his AVID class and speaks about the changes he wishes to see within his class of 2017. Menchaca wants to see more participation from his classmates during his term ...

Yellowjackets look back fondly on Middle School teachers

Joshua Sandoval, Reporter

October 22, 2016

Middle school, it seems so far away. Looking back on it there isn’t a lot that you miss, right? Well, maybe there is: in fact, that's the case most of the time. There may be that time when your friend did something funny, or ...

Millennial babies born on the cusp

Adriana Flores, Reporter

October 13, 2016

Senior Saul Sanchez was one of the last babies that was born in the 20th century (he came into this world on Dec. 31, 1999).  Junior Joshua Sandoval was one of the first babies born on the first day of 2000. Born just minutes ...

Feature: Freshman Volleyball Head Coach Isabella Correrra

Adriana Flores, Reporter

September 21, 2016

The young twenty three year old CHS freshmen volleyball coach, Isabella Correra (who likes to be known as Bella) plays with the water bottle paper she has in her hands as she covers her nerves with a laugh to state, “I hate...

Aasiya-bey takes on adviser role for THREE clubs

Desiree Luna, Reporter

September 17, 2016

Looking for fun, interesting, and educational clubs here at Colton High School? Well you're in luck, because Science teacher Dawud  Aasiya-bey is the head adviser for three clubs of which you can chose. His clubs are: BSU ...

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