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Instagram users aren’t happy with this new feature

Rebeca Escamilla, Reporter

March 1, 2018

Filed under Tech Talk

If you have Instagram, you know about Instagram stories. You can see people’s photos and short videos before they expire after 24 hours. It’s basically Snapchat for instagram, as most users would say. Recently, Instagram ...

Teacher of the Week – Tapia

Zaria Espinoza, Reporter

February 26, 2018

Filed under Features

- Ms. Candice Tapia, the new English teacher at Colton High School. She is a fresh, young face and she is easy to get along with. We stopped by her classroom to get the inside scoop on her first year teaching at CHS.  ...

President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Brian Navarro, Reporter

February 23, 2018

Filed under Features

After long talks and heavy rumors made around the White House, President Trump has finally revealed information on his infrastructure plan - a plan for building or repairing roads, bridges, airports, seaports, energy projects and w...

These water bottles aren’t “just” any water bottle, they’re organic

Adolfo Ceja, Reporter

February 13, 2018

Filed under Features

Imagine a world where waste decays, reducing world wide waste. That world is here and now with “Just” water. Just bottles are organic and renewable materials; their made of 54% percent paper, 28% plant based plastic, 15% plastic,...

2018’s upcoming musicians soar with new releases

Rickey Ramirez, Managing Editor

January 25, 2018

Filed under Features

Ever since the internet’s invention, musical artists have been able to expand their audiences and with music streaming websites that are available to the artists as a platform to upload such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtub...

Samsung Consumers expecting virtual assistant soon

Rebeca Escamilla, Reporter

January 24, 2018

Filed under Tech Talk

cEveryone pretty much knows about Samsung. It’s one of the biggest companies that makes phone models and more, but it’s mostly known for their phones. You probably might of heard the new virtual assistant, Bixby! Bixby is avai...

A free, fun time at Jingle Ball

Juliana Cruz, Reporter

December 11, 2017

Filed under Features

December 1st, I went to Jingle Ball Village. It was a free concert Jingle Ball had before the big concert. Jingle Ball Village had a bunch of new up and coming boy bands and singers. For example, In Real Life, Why Don’t We, J...

Why Does Rainbow Six Siege Still Exist?

Jaren Phipps, Reporter

December 9, 2017

Filed under Tech Talk

So Operation White Noise is now out wrapping up year 2 of Rainbow Six Siege and just in typical Ubisoft fashion they have released the new operators broken and overpowered. This just brings up the question. Why does Rainbow Six ...

iPhone 8 Plus: Is it Really Worth the Cash?

Cassandra Covarrubias, Reporter

December 5, 2017

Filed under Tech Talk

Recently, I had bought myself the iPhone 8 plus and so far it has been a great phone. It originally came out on September 22nd, 2017. Due to the release, lines of people waited to get their hands on the new device, but I d...

Sam Smith’s “The Thrill Of it All”

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

November 14, 2017

Filed under Features

On November 3rd, Sam Smith released his second album “The Thrill Of It All” and debuted at the top of charts. Sam said to Billboard, “I went through, like, this vortex, came out. I feel like I’ve rebuilt myself as a stro...

Gaming Sites Giving Discounts for This Halloween Season

Jaren Phipps, Reporter

October 31, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Tech Talk, Video Games

YOUR WALLETS ARE NOT SAFE! 20% OFF, 30% OFF, ALL THE WAY UP TO 60% OFF! It’s that time of the year again. Halloween and all the gaming sites are giving discounts on their spooky games. The front runner on this spooky sale is S...

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