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Musician of the Week – Carlos Santana

Charlie Botello, Reporter

October 26, 2017

Name: Carlos Sandana Age: 17 Instrument of Choice: Acoustic Guitar Favorite Musician: Jimi Hendrix Who/ what influenced you to play? The person who influenced me to play the guitar was my uncle, he would play songs for...

Taylor Rae Limon, Musician of the Week

Fidel Elenes, Reporter

September 20, 2017

Name: Taylor Rae Limon   Age: 15   Instrument of Choice: Tuba   Favorite Musician: Lindsey Stirling (violin)   Who/ what influenced you to play? When I was little my grandfather listened to classical pi...

Musician of the Month: Jack Gomez

Johnny Castorena, Reporter

May 3, 2017

Instrument of choice: Bass Favorite genre of music: Dream pop/indie Favorite song: Walk in the Park by Beach House Favorite bands: Arctic Monkeys, Beach House and Iron Maiden Reason for choosing bass is because he l...

Musician of the week: Priscilla Marin

Vanessa Villanueva, Reporter

March 8, 2017

Name: Priscilla Marin Age: 18 Grade: 12th Instrument of Choice: Flute/ Piccolo Favorite Musician: Louis Armstrong Who/What influenced you to play?: By exposing me to a variety of different instruments and style...

Musician of the Month: Anthony Murrieta

Chantz Horton, Reporter

February 14, 2017

Name: Anthony Eric Murrieta Age: 17 Grade: 12th Instrument of choice: Snare Drum Favorite Musician: Bruno Mars, his mix of old school music and new generation is something nobody is doing in today's music Who/wh...

Musician of the week: March 14: Azucena Zepeda

Adolfo Madrigal, Reporter

March 14, 2015

Name: Azucena Jazmin Zepeda Grade: 9 Instrument of choice: Flute. Favorite musician: Beethoven. Who/what influenced you to play? My brother. How long have you been playing? 6 ½ years. What is your favorite...

Musician of the week

Roger Martinez, Reporter

February 27, 2015

Name: Carlos Hughes Age: 15 Instrument of choice: Trumpet. Favorite Musician Arturo Sandoval. Who/What influenced you to play? My grandfather. How long have you been playing? 6 years. What is your favorite song...

Musician of the Week: Feb. 6:

Ossmany Ramirez, Reporter

February 6, 2015

Name: Agustin Rojas (a.k.a Augi)   Age: 17   Grade: 11th   Instrument of choice: 5 peice drum set   Favorite Musician: Larnel Lewis   Who/What influenced you to play? Watching other people play drums inspired me   How long have yo...

Musician of the Week: Oct. 1: Sophomore Carlos Diaz

Ossmany Ramirez, Reporter

October 1, 2014

Name: Carlos Diaz Age: 15 Grade: 10 Instruments: Clarinet and Ukulele Influences: Jason Mraz and Benny Goodman How long have you been playing?: Since 4th grade Favorite quote/lyric: “I like nonsense. It wake...

Musician of the Week: Ricardo Barajas

Maria Chavira, Reporter

September 17, 2013

Name:   Ricardo Barajas Age:  15 Grade:  Sophomore Instrument(s):  Saxophone Influences: I like making music How long have you been playing: three years Favorite quote/lyric: Be who you are and say what you feel Favo...

Musician Of The Week : Cristino Moreno

Marina Diaz, Reporter

January 25, 2013

Name: Cristino Moreno Age: 17 Grade:12 Instrument of Choice: Piano but I also play guitar. Favorite Musician: Flying Lotus Who/what influenced you to play Piano?: My cousin who plays guitar How long have you...

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