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How after school activities may stress students out

Jillian Martinez, Reporter

October 17, 2019

In high school, students have crazy lives, from fights to relationships to drama and rumors. School leaves students stressed out because of sports, grades, and after school activities. I’ve noticed many students stress or have an...

A.O.T.W – Kuna Taufahema

Ryelee Mergil, Reporter

May 13, 2019

Name: Kuna Taufahema Age: 18 Grade: 12th Position: Thrower Pregame Ritual: Drink some Kava. Favorite Music: Corridos Best Memory: Winning All League. Favorite Motivational Quote: “With the new day comes wit...

Athlete of the Week – Jorge Ruvalcaba

Ryelee Mergil, Reporter

May 8, 2019

Name: Jorge Ruvalcaba Age: 17 Grade: 12th Position: Forward Pregame Ritual: Don’t go in thinking negatively. Favorite Music: Banda MS Best Memory: Going to spain for soccer. Favorite Motivational quote: ...

Athlete of the Week – Andy Luevano

Ryelee Mergil, Reporter

March 1, 2019

Name: Andy Luevano Age: 15 Sport: Baseball Grade: 10th Position: Center field Pregame Ritual : “Don't go in thinking negative.” Favorite music before game: 1Take Best memory: Making varsity. Fa...

AOTW – Kiana Guadalajara

Adriana Flores, Reporter

January 30, 2019

Name: Kiana Guadalajara Age: 16 Sport: Girls Soccer Grade: 11th Position: JV or Varsity?: Defense on Varsity Pregame ritual: Prayer with my team. Favorite music before the game: BIG Bank Best memory with your team: Te...

Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week

January 14, 2019

Athlete of the Week – Steven Ornelas

Ryelee Mergil, Reporter

January 9, 2019

Name: Steven Ornelas Age: 16 Sport: Baseball Grade: 11th Position: 3rd base Pregame Ritual: Don't underestimate yourself. Favorite Music Before Game: Trippie Redd Best Memory: When I hit a home run out of Fo...

Athlete of the Week – Jocelyn Larousse

Adriana Flores, Reporter

September 4, 2018

Name: Jocelyn Larousse Age: 16 Sport: Volleyball Grade: 12th Position: JV & Varsity?: Outside Hitter Pregame Ritual: Pray and cheer Favorite music before the game: Anything up beat, anything that moves me around....

Athlete of the Week – Mario Fierro

Ryelee Mergil, Reporter

May 7, 2018

Name: Mario Fierro   Age: 18   Sport: Track   Grade: 12   Position: 4x1, 100 meter yard dash, 200 meter yard dash, 400 meter yard dash, 4x4.   Pre game ritual: Chilling on the bus, listening...

Athlete of the Week – Daniel Valdez

Fidel Elenes, Reporter

May 1, 2018

Name: Daniel Valdez   Age: 18   Grade: 12 Position: JV & Varsity: Outfield and Infield/Varsity   Pregame Ritual: “Stretch out my legs.”   Favorite music before the game: R&B, Hip Hop, and Corridos   Best mem...

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