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Destiny: The Taken King video game debuts to mixed reviews

Manuel Solorzano, Reporter

September 25, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Video Games

  “Boring, repetitive, nothing to do, and a waste of money.” These were all things that some  people felt Destiny was after it was dropped on gamers almost a year ago with a load of hype attached to it, and rightf...

Prepare For Battle With Clash Of Clans!

Ossmany Ramirez, Reporter

February 27, 2015

Filed under Video Games

Prepare the barbarians and the giants, the goblins are here! Clash of Clans is a very popular app game where you command your own village and compete against other villages using strategies and your own wits. This game has been...

NBA 2K15 Video Game Review

Mike Wexler, Sports Desk

October 10, 2014

Filed under Video Games

The 2K Sports organization has really stepped up its game on this year’s NBA 2K15 videogame with great graphics, smooth hand on gameplay, and realistic animations. The hyped basketball game released this past Tuesday provides...

Daylight: the new horror game you will LOVE

Brandon Day-Brunelle, Reporter

May 10, 2014

Filed under Video Games

A recent horror game which has been making a name for itself is a game which is called Daylight. The game begins with your character, Sarah, with only your cell phone for light, awakening in a hospital which is abandoned, blacke...

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