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The Pepper Bough

You can’t spell “Chipotle” without “E. Coli”

Paulina Gallardo, Reporter

February 26, 2016

Filed under Restaurants

Recently I tried Chipotle for the first time. After eating at Chipotle, I appeared to be fine for about half an hour. It was during the car ride home where I experienced the feeling of discomfort in my stomach. When arriving to...

Rihanna back at it again with the albums!

Crystal Martinez, reporter

February 22, 2016

Filed under CDs

After 4 years of anticipation, Rihanna has finally released her latest album, Anti. When first released on January 28th, it had one million downloads in less than 15 hours and went platinum in less than two days.   Even though ...

“Girl Groups” aim to put a feminist slant on Rock n Roll

Margaret Marin, Reporter

December 14, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment

Many women have one thing in common, being for female empowerment and finding the perfect beat of a song. Two things plenty of girl groups have provided over several decades.     Girl groups were first introduced in the 1960s, when Am...

Balloon Tower Defence app aims to please

Andrew Bernales, Reporter

December 7, 2015

Filed under Tech Talk, Video Games

Every liked playing the Balloon Tower Defence series?  Then try out the app Balloon Tower Defence Battles where you play head to head with friends or with other people online.   You can play two types of game modes assaul...

Video Game evolution has become stagnant

Manual Solorzano, Reporter

December 7, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Video Games

Video Games are a medium of entertainment that have been enjoyed now for over four decades at this point. The have become part of our culture and many of the industry’s games have left impacting legacies to boot. From classics...

Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917
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