Gaming Addiction: How it affects gamers

Gaming Addiction: How it affects gamers

Mark Rey, Reporter

   Gaming addiction just like with cell phone addiction has been a huge problem ever since the new technology has been out. In the early 2000’s gaming consoles have started to take over the teenage kids and their time. But, in 2005 November 22 the Xbox 360 came out.

This gaming console took over and almost every kid in the US either had one or planned to get one soon. The Xbox 360 was a way to get out of reality and basically be in your own world. Any video game that was out you could purchase and simply insert it into your console and play it for hours, days and weeks. When these consoles started to take over in the mid 2000’s about 72% of American households had a gaming console in their house. But, it’s not just these gaming consoles have taken over the young generation.

Portable gaming devices have come out like the PSP and the Nintendo DS. Just like the Gaming consoles they can play any game you buy. And many kids have acquired this item because it is small and portable. You can play it anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

        How can we stop this gaming addiction we have today? It has been getting worse and worse since it all started coming out. In 2014 there was 13 people that were seeking or getting professional help with curing gaming addiction. In 2018 that number has shot up to 146 guaranteed people getting professional help with their gaming addiction. 1 in 10 of people who play video games have a minor and extremely major case of gaming addiction.

The average male addicted gamer is 33 years old, with the average female gamer being 37 years old. These are just some of the alarming statistics of gaming that are only getting worse and worse every year. Scientists say that gaming can cause serious depression and anxiety because they get frustrated or angry after playing. I myself can relate with this because I too get mad sometimes after losing a game of 2K or dying in a game of Fortnite. But for me it has never gotten to the point where i am depressed because of a game.