Does XBox One X stand up?


Jaren Phipps, Business Manager

So as many people might know that the Xbox One X is coming out soon. I honestly don’t care about getting it because I got a PC that will out perform it easily.

When the specs went public though, I was intrigued. I wanted to see what it would take to make a PC that would be close to the Xbox One X’s specs. I must warn you now this list was thrown together in about an hour and I could probably make a better list if I looked around some more. Also Microsoft in all their professional business experience purposely made the specific list very vague. Let’s just say after looking around quite a bit I found the Xbox One X’s specs. It’s no where near state of the art by a long shot but they definitely took some time on this one.

First I’ll talk about the CPU that they put in there. The CPU is the main brain in the system doing all the actions and processes. The CPU was said to be an octa-core clocked at 2.3 MHz. This on first glance is actually really good. You got 8 cores of CPU going at 2.3 megahertz processor speed. So after looking at Amazon and (which is the pc builder’s paradise) I found a similar core. It’s closes to a 585328-L21 Hewlett-Packard AMD Opteron 285. It’s a CPU introduced in 2006! That’s 11 years old, but that’s the way of Microsoft. Also it currently costs $285 on Amazon.

The graphics they claimed was AMD integrated graphics which is honestly, to me, a sin because you should always have a working video card in your system, but we must keep in line with what Microsoft’s building ideas. Integrated graphics comes in your motherboard, the spine of your computer that sends all the signals to where it needs to go. I was searching around for a motherboard that would have integrated graphics and I found the Asus Prime A320-C motherboard. It’s actually a pretty cheap motherboard running at $62 on Amazon. I’d say it’s a pretty powerful one from what I’ve been seeing though. It could power a brand new AMD Rysen CPU but of course Microsoft wouldn’t put the Rysen in it. It would be too expensive.

The RAM was probably the hardest thing to find. RAM and memory are exchanged really often because they do mean the same thing as RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. This is in control of stuff like clipboards and active processes. Anyways it says it has 12Gb of GDDR5 RAM. Here is the problem. GDDR5 RAM is a console only RAM so you couldn’t buy it. I had to change the GDDR5 to a DDR4 RAM. I found that they didn’t seem to skimp on this though this RAM would probably do much better than the Xbox One X’s RAM. I found the HyperX Fury RAM sticks. It’s a 4Gb ram stick so you’d get three for about $121.49 at Best Buy. This is also relatively new RAM as well and would probably outperform the Xbox One X’s RAM.

The hard drive was the easiest one to find by far. It says it has a 1TB of storage which is pretty standard for memory. 1 Terabyte is about 1000 Gigabytes for those who don’t know. One quick search on showed so many good hard drives at 1TB of storage. I picked out the Western Digital-RE4. It’s a 1TB spin drive that has 7200RPM which is pretty standard for PCs though more often than not PCs have more like 2-3TB of storage. Like my hard drive is a Hitaci 2TB spin drive going at the same RPM and it’s only $50 dollars about. This is a lot more bang for buck

All in all for all the specs they showed I came out with about $510.48 while the Xbox One X is about $499 +tax. So that’s it all’s done the Xbox One X comes out on top and everyone should go buy it. Not exactly. These parts are a pretty old and would need to be upgraded once the next generation Xbox came out. Remember this isn’t a next gen console. Microsoft specifically said that. This is a mid year reboot to boost their income. Also you don’t have to pay for online at all. If you leave with nothing leave with this. If you can afford an Xbox One X you can afford a PC and you’d have infinite amounts of more fun. Plus Rainbow Six Siege isn’t great on that. Oh yeah Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege is next.