Gamers are hyped over the release of Injustice 2

Adolfo Madrigal, Reporter

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Netherrealm has done it again with their fighting games. They have brought us another Injustice with a couple characters added to the roster, and they’ve also released a dlc trailer already. The game hasn’t even been released yet and the dlc is 3 characters, starfire, red hood and sub zero. Also Netherrealm has been releasing clips of some of the characters and what their moves are, and it looks amazing because the characters they’ve added are better than the last characters they’ve had. Gamers are ready for this game because Netherrealm has finally released a different game than just a Mortal Kombat. This is a D.C. graphic fighting game, and this game is getting the same hype as the last one, but I think it should have more because of the roster it has.  I personally think that this roster is a lot better because I really like the sidekicks more than the regular heros, and they added more sidekicks than heros; I really like that. The games release date is May 16, 2017, so get it  when you can and wreak havoc against others.

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