New Netflix film DEATH NOTE based on a Manga

Gavin Kale, Reporter

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On August 25th, 2017, Netflix released a movie called Death Note. This movie was based on a manga, also called Death Note. The movie follows the story of a guy named Light Turner, who finds a notebook that is labeled “Death Note”. This Death Note kills anyone whose name is written down in it, and how. He tests it out on a bully, who gets decapitated in a car “accident” involving a ladder. He tells a girl called Mia about the Death Note, and they soon start killing wanted criminals.Soon after, they become lovers. At the end of the movie, a detective named L finds out that it is Light, and tries to kill him. Light and Mia are at a ferris wheel at a pier, and it collapses. Mia dies, and Light barely survives.

I think that this movie was solid at the start of it, with Light and Mia killing criminals, but at the end of the movie it was all over the place. Mia tries to kill Light so she can get the book to herself, and then Light puts her name in it, and they try to have it where they are both alive by burning the page in the book. They are both at the top in the ferris wheel when it collapses, and Mia hits the shoreline and dies, while Light lands in the water safely. Light wrote in the book however, to where he would get the book back eventually. I would give this move a 7.5/10, it had good characters, and a good story at the start, but then went downhill at the end.

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