Does Avengers: Endgame live up to its hype?

Gavin Kale, Reporter

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  Avengers: Endgame has finally been released to theaters. This movie has been the result of the 22-movie / 11-year buildup. So, did this movie live up to the hype?

  I’m happy to say that this movie is really good on it’s first viewing. It really picks up towards the final act of the movie. However, the only thing I found wrong with the movie is how it is when you watch it again. When you go to watch it again, the movie is just boring. The final act is the only thing worth seeing. This is because in the final act of the movie, there is a big fight scene between all of the Avengers and Thanos’ Chitauri army. There is also a scene where Captain America uses Mjolnir, Thor’s old hammer. This stuff sounds pretty cool, right? Stuff like this only happens in the final act of the movie. In the first parts, it’s only story buildup that has little to no action within it. It’s just filled with comedy and plot buildup. The only reason why it’s so good on the first time being watched is because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

 Other than that, there aren’t really any other problems with the movie. There are three moments in the movie that were pretty emotional. For me, I think it was when Captain America went back in time and never returned until he was old. The way he spoke to Falcon really hit me.

  I think that the plot of this movie was really good, even if the only action that happened was either in small bits (except for the end). The whole thing with time travel and getting the infinity stones was really well thought of. It also felt nice to look back on the old scenes from Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, and seeing the really well designed planet of Vormir. Also, the CGI they did was stellar, as always in any Marvel movie.

  I was kind of sad after the movie ended. I had a “ What now? “ thought in my head because this movie was the end of an era. I grew up with this franchise and this was the end of a chapter in MCU history.