New Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker trailer released

Anthony Gonzalez, Reporter

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From far, far away, the galaxy has brought the trailer long awaited, Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker. The new trailer has excited many fans, as well as yours truly. Due to the fact that the title holds the name ‘Skywalker’ interests many fans’ theories because it could mean anything. Luke Skywalker could show up in ghost form, and reveal who Rey is. Maybe even bring up the possible fact that Rey is a Skywalker, or not.

There are many theories that are highly possible, but there’s one thing that intrigues fans the most, the sixth lord, Darth Sidious’ laugh at the end of the trailer. This brings up only one possible answer, he’s coming back, either to manipulate Ben Solo or Kylo Ren and other characters in the Star Wars series. He could also be coming back in flesh to take back what he had first as Emperor of the Empire.

What are your theories that you think will happen in the movie, and how do you think it’ll end or just be a, ‘To be continued’, ending? Hope you guys get your tickets fast that’ll probably sell out seats faster than light-speed, may the force be with you.