Sierra Burgess is a Loser shares a message for young girls

Bianca Roman, Reporter

Netflix released a new movie on September seventh, Sierra Burgess is a Loser. The movie takes place in modern time and focuses on the struggles of a young teen girl’s self-esteem named Sierra (Shannon Purser). In the beginning, Sierra is content with herself and her social status in high school. Nothing affects her, not even remarks from Veronica (Kristine Froseth), who happens to be the popular girl at their high school. Veronica is one of the main reasons the storyline got interesting. It happened when Veronica gave Jamey (Noah Centineo) Sierra’s phone number but he thought Veronica was giving him hers. So Jamey ended up texting Sierra thinking it was Veronica. Sierra ends up going along with letting Jamey think he’s texting and talking to Veronica. As that was happening she realized that she really enjoys talking to him. So in order to keep talking to him and Sierra comes up with a plan to keep the lie going she will tutor Veronica in exchange for making Jamey believe he’s talking to Veronica. While they trick him they become really good friends due to all the time they spend together during tutoring. They become really good friends that they start to hang out for fun. Up to the very end, they keep tricking him up until the very end of the movie. That’s around the time that Sierra realizes that the reason she didn’t tell him that she isn’t Veronica, is because she is afraid that Jamey won’t like her anymore for the way she physically looks.

This movie got both negative and positive feedback, most viewers being teens and young adults. Viewers really liked the storyline of the movie, the movie focuses on a young girl struggling with low self-esteem. Others also really liked how not only did it focus on Sierra’s and Jamey’s love story but also the friendship that Sierra and Veronica formed. That was very important because it displayed Veronica’s character development throughout the storyline. The negative feedback was that people didn’t like that the movie displayed catfishing. Some people viewed what Sierra did was extremely odd and crazy. Other people also did not like the last few problems that were caused because of Sierra.