Nappily Ever After portrays self image

Bianca Roman, Reporter

On September 21st, Netflix released the movie “Nappily Ever After.” The movie revolves on a woman named Violet. The movie starts off with a flashback from Violet’s point of view and she narrates how even as a child she had to be perfect especially her hair. The viewers then see into Violet’s current life. Violet at the beginning of the movie is very cautious of anything that can cause her hair to become frizzy. She has always been that way since she was young but she has always tried to be perfect in everything. Being always perfect is the reason her boyfriend of two years decides not to propose to her. She then decides to break up with him after that one night she is tired of being perfect so she shaves her hair off. As the movie progresses the viewers can see Violet’s development because she becomes more confident in the way she is.  Many people had good things to say about this movie and many people liked it because they related to it or wish they had known as they grew up. Many women of different ages related to having the pressure of looking perfect always. Whether it was pressure from their mothers, friends, or society everyone has experienced it at some point.