Annabelle: Creation moves forward with hit sequel to creepy doll movie

Sheally Guzman, Reporter


Annabelle: Creation is better than the 1st installment. The film is the next chapter of the Conjuring universe.  Annabelle: Creation is an improvement from the previous film, far more creepier and terrifying than the previous film. The film gives you the origin of the doll and the backstory of the doll that nobody knows about so far. The doll itself is not evil but the demon that inhabiting it  certainly is.  View the trailer here:

The story begins when Samuel Mullins creates the infamous “Annabelle” doll.

Later on, the  tragic death of the Mullins’ daughter Annabelle led them to devote themselves to find a way to be with their daughter again. Either being  good or evil. But an evil spirit took advantage of their grief to ask permission to move into the doll. The doll is the demon’s temporary place until it finds a human host. But then it was locked away for 12 years, but with the evil still being attached to the doll.  By the Mullins’ opening their home for an orphanage they later realized that they gave the demon just what it wanted.  Even though the doll is locked away the girls even sister Charlotte have a supernatural experience while alone.  Even though the demon is weak at night it gets powerful enough to reach out to the girls.

This film was scary and had many jump scares. Annabelle is great to watch if you are into that kind of horror violence and terror.  The director as well as the actors did an amazing job getting people to keep watching it until the end. Throughout the movie you can hear the famous you are my sunshine song to represent that was Annabelle’s song. Also, the clown box music used as well in the conjuring.  Annabelle: creation is better than the first film in all aspects.  I totally recommend to watch this film because it’s  a good mystery/ thriller movie. I mostly recommend it because the ending is so shocking and amazing that you want to watch more.