311 brings it with new album release

The album artwork is made up of approximately 12,000 photos of 311 fans.

The album artwork is made up of approximately 12,000 photos of 311 fans.

Leondro Velarde, Reporter

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Band 311 (pronounced “Three-Eleven”) has recently dropped an album entitled “MOSAIC” on June 23rd with 17 tracks. The group consists of singer/guitarist Nicolas Hexum, singer SA Martinez, bassist Aaron Charles Wills, drummer Chad Sexton, and guitarist Timothy Mahoney. This is their 12th studio album since 1993. All songs were recorded at their studio called The Hive based in North Hollywood, California. As the name goes, Nick Hexum states, “We wanted a title that pointed to our collective nature. Something that referred to the electric style of our music and the bond between the band members and our fans – and this title really captures that.”

The track listing is compiled of songs “Too Much to Think”, “Wildfire”, “The Night is Young”, “Island Sun”, “Perfect Mistake”, “Extension”, “Inside Our Home”, “Til the City’s on Fire”, “Too Late”, “Hey Yo”, Places That the Mind Goes”, “Face in the Wind”, “Forever Now”, “Days of ‘88”, “One and the Same”, “Syntax Error”, and “On a Roll”. 12 songs produced by Scott Ralston, and the other 5 were produced by John Feldman ( singer to the band Goldfinger).

The singles were “Too Much to Think,” “Too Late,” and “Perfect Mistake.” All sounding unique, and catching all the sounds of 311.

One of my personal favorite songs is ‘Hey Yo.” This song is about how we as a society are straying away from our communication. Due many of us be stuck in our comfort zone where no one can go.

Another one of my favorites is “Wildfire,” which seems to be about being doubted. As shown in the lyric

“Someone told you that you had no chance
People told us it would never transpire
You can be defeated in advance
Just let them all burn in the wildfire”.

You see being doubted by others.

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