LOST GIRLS book a harrowing true story of abduction and torture

LOST GIRLS book a harrowing true story of abduction and torture

Cassandra Covarrubias, Reporter

“The Lost Girls” book is a true story of three girls: Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, and about their devastating journey on having to deal with their kidnapper for 11 years.

Ariel Castro, a father with 3 daughters, held the girls in his on home in the basement. Amanda Berry had been coming home from working at Burger King when her kidnapper had asked if she needed a ride. Big mistake. Gina DeJesus, which was one of his daughters friends he had taken her also. Lastly, Michelle Knight she had been taken away when she was on her way to buy her son his necessities.

Not all abductions are written about, but this one caught everyone’s eye because of what of a monster Ariel Castro was. I was gravitated towards this book once I got a brief view of what it was about. Sadly, he had got Amanda Berry pregnant and she had gave birth to her child in the basement they were chained up in. Michelle Knight was treated the worst out of all the three girls, with very little privileges. “The Lost Girls” gives information about Castro’s life before the kidnappings– he had been sexually harrassed and had a rough life growing up, but it’s still not an excuse for him to do what he did. Castro had been to every girl’s prayer group and tried to “help” their families look for the girls, all he did was make himself look innocent.

Thankfully, the girls were able to escape with the help of Charles Ramsey, a local in the neighborhood. Castro had been jailed and had later committed suicide. To me, this book was such a great book it always kept me on the edge and wanting to read more. Which I did, I finished it in five days because I’d bring it to school and just read. It’s definitely a book I would recommend it to anyone that’s intrigued by stories like the Cleveland abduction.