Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Oct. 16

This week we take a look at new songs by established artists


This week’s Vibe centers around new music by established artists (from left: Chris Martin of Coldplay, Tom Morello, Adele, Conor Murphy of Foxing, and Jim James of My Morning Jacket).

This week, our resident critic, Myles Garza is taking some time off to pursue a piece of some of the Inland Empire’s best local bands. In the meantime, check out these new tracks from some of our most established modern artists.

Besides, Adele is back, and that is all that really matters, right? Right?


“Easy on Me” – Adele

Very sad. Plaintive piano. Adele is feeling sorry for herself. The way she says “baby.”

Adele prepares us for the “divorce” album she has on the way called “30.” With a plaintive piano in the background to accompany her big voice, she shows us why no one else can give us the chills quite like she can when she sings: “I gave up, I got up/I’m my daddy’s little girl/Hear my mother in my words, I’m staying true/You know what? I saw love/Trust me when I say it’s not you.”

It’s good to have you back, Adele.


“My Universe” – Coldplay (feat. BTS)

Coldplay tries to stay relevant with their strangely titled album “Music of the Spheres.” On this lead single, they try cashing in on the BTS craze by unironically collaborating with the mega-popular K-Pop group.

Somehow, the song works. Coldplay has been fishing for hits for the last few years, and somehow BTS has invigorated Chris Martin into writing a song that fits into Coldplay’s catalog without sounding as silly as it looks on paper.


“Regularly Scheduled Programming” – My Morning Jacket

The Kentucky indie rock darlings are preparing for a huge comeback with their upcoming self-titled album. “Regularly Scheduled Programming” finds Jim James and company in a cynical mood in the wake of the last few years of American politics. The thrumming keyboards and James’ atypical low-key, but typically reverb-infused build up the anger on the verses before the choral explosion of the song’s chorus. “I’ve had enough!” James shouts, and most of us would agree.


“The War Inside” – Tom Morello (feat. Chris Stapleton)

The Rock N’ Roll rebel teams up with the Nashville rebel on this intense ballad about how the struggle is real. Morello’s whiny, grindy power drill guitar effects work surprisingly well against Stapleton’s epic country vocals. Get them a hardcore rhythm section and you’ll have the next Audioslave.


“Go Down Together” – Foxing

When Pitchfork says “Go Down Together,” the lead single on experimental emo band Foxing’s new album “Draw Down the Moon,” sounds like “an uninspiring piece of festival rock,” it begs the question: did Foxing reject an interview with the 25-year old music site? “Go Down Together” may be mid-tempo four-on-the-floor indie rock, but it’s the best type of mid-tempo four-on-the-floor indie rock. The dance groove and Conor Murphy’s falsetto make this catchy jam a fun 2021 earworm.

Besides, how can anyone question the experimental nature of a band that releases its latest track in an 8-bit version?