Movie Review – Justice League: Snyder Cut

Kevin Gonzalez, Reporter

    I feel like we can all agree that the 2017s release of “Justice League” was horrible but Zack Synder’s vision of “Justice League” exceeded my and many others’ expectations of the movie. Some backstory on the matter, “Justice League” (2017) was still in production and Zack Snyder’s daughter had unfortunately committed suicide which made it difficult for him to continue filming “Justice League” so another director came in and completely ruined Snyders vision of the film. 

    After a couple of years, fans found out about the Snyder cut of the “Justice League” and started to campaign to have it released with #Relasethesnydercut trending. After another couple of years, Warner Bros finally funded it and it was a great movie. 

The new 2020 “Justice League” can be viewed on HBO Max and is 4 hours long it’s not only restored the “Justice League” name but made it better by; changing characters designs, dialogue, adding a few more characters, and the plot also changed as we saw in the ending of the movie in the epilogue of the film which was the best part in my opinion. 

This new version of “Justice League” sets up so much for the future of DC. I only hope they continue with Snyders vision for these upcoming movies. Overall the movie was an 8 out of 10. I would rewatch it again and would recommend it to anybody as well.