Tropicalia Vs. CFG

Tiffany Sandoval, reporter

More than two festivals had gone on during that weekend, and if you are caught up into the music industry you are more than aware that not only did travis Scott have Astroworld fest but tyler the creator also had a carnival not to forget Tropicalia which is mint musicians and also other musicians get together and perform. A parent compared it to EDM, but as a person who went myself i would say it was probably nothing like EDM. It was just a good environment to listen to music. There were a few cons that i had noticed which was the amount of money being spent. The lines were long but there was not any difficulties that i had faced and the time schedule could’ve been better because a lot of great musicians were lined up with others and it was hard having to choose where to go. From another point of view Tropicalia sounds better than camp flog gnaw and from the videos I seen it was not as hyped as last year and to me felt more of a place just to go to say you went in a way. I think that’s more of what it was then actually people having a good time. although for next year if i am lucky enough to go i would plan it out instead of instinctively buying it the day of.  There seemed to be on both sides a good time and am excited to see what the line ups could be for next year. Another thing I hope for is that they do not fall on the same weekend. It was truly a great experience and I can not wait for the lineups for the next few years.The best part is that i was so up close for an artist that i’ve been trying to see for the past 5 years. The con about that though I was not caught up with the music taste but it felt good just listening to music and walking around. The food there was not a lot of options but it was food that tasted great at the moment but it was just a bit expensive. Overall a good time.