Need a playlist for the holiday season?

Jillian Martinez, Reporter

Many people after Halloween get really happy and excited for Christmas, although we haven’t passed Thanksgiving. Although many love to skip Thanksgiving and go straight to decorating for Christmas and New Years, we all know we love to go to the dinner table and eat with our families. 

Christmas has come fast for us in 2019. I believe that it is completely crazy that we’re close to graduating. I’m not only happy that christmas is close to us but because my family and I make tamales, menudo, rice, and we also bake. My family and I enjoy spending time together during the holidays because we’re always so busy during these months. Not only are we excited to spend time but we always give good presents. Although the presents don’t matter, vibing to music and spending time with your loved ones has always been a good time for us. 

I will be introducing a Christmas playlist to listen to over the holidays. These songs remind me a lot of my childhood because we would always listen to music and would have a good day. 

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Dean Martin – Let it snow

Andy Williams – The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

Karizma Duo – Frosty the Snowman 

WHAM! – Last Christmas

Crazy Frog- Jingle Bell