Is Jenni Rivera Alive Dead Or Not??

Gabriela Nava, Reporter

Have you ever heard a singer name the Jenni Rivera? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on life because she is the most famous mexican/ banda singer. Here a little background story about her. Her real/full name is Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra but she goes by Jenni Rivera, her nickname that her friends or family call her La Diva De La Banda. She was bored on July 2,1969. At Long Beach, California. She did a lot of things in her career for a couple of thing that she did was she sing of coued but she was also a songwriter, an actress, an author, and fashion designer and many more.

The amount of Jenni Rivera was and $25 Million, that is a lot in my opinion. Jenni Rivera was married 3 times and with the two guys she has 5 kids. Her first husband she has 3 kids. Named Chiquis Rivera, Jacqueline Campos and Micheal Marin, and with her second  husband she has 2 more kids name Jenicka Lopez and Johnny Lopez. By her 3ed husband she died in an airplane crash but here is a little twist people are saying that she died in an airplane crash till this day people still think that she is dead or maybe she is not. Im saying this because about 3 months ago she came out with a new song and she was supposed to be dead.

One day her daughter Chiquis Rivera was losing money and out of nowhere she found a whole album of Jenni Rivera new song that she never sung before and there are ll record it. Like can you make music in a studio all by yourself without other people knowing, like you need someone in the studio with you to make the music/record it for you. Then next thing about 2 months ago she came out if a music video of the new song, the song is called Aparentemente Bien. In the video they have a hologram but she never sang this song in a conturt, this song is new to  all the people. Also if you look very closely she is say the lyrics of the song in the video and the other thing i notice is that she looks younger. So in my opinion i think that she is alive and she just been hiding for 7 years.