Fortnite Addiction?

Ary Soto, Reporter

Throughout this year Fortnite has become one of the most played games. My one question is why is there so much hype to it than any other game? I talked to three 9th graders, Roberto Hernandez, Diego Olvera, and Ulises Castillo and asked them this question and they gave me good reasoning. “How much do you play a day”, they play 2-6 hours just on weekdays. “How do you guys stay so interested in it?” when they play with friends it makes it more fun. “When do you think the hype will be over?” they all say from 6 till in a year, the game became more relevant since the overhyped season 11 or “Fortnite 2” came out over a month ago. “Are you good at the game?” Ulises Castillo says he’s the best in his group, everyone else says they play for the fun of it and they don’t really care if they win or not. As the game continues to get popular over time, Ulises, Roberto, and Diego will play and have the same fun with their group of friends. As my friends said they play for hours a day you can see they do get addicted to the game.