A story About The Queen Mary

Gabriela Gonzalez, reporter


    Maybe some of you guys have heard of the ship that is also a hotel in Long Beach, California. Well, if you guys do know what im talking about the ship that look so classy and so nice but it is also haunted, and it also has a crazy life back story to it. So let me tell you the crazy history behind the most haunted and famous ship in America also in Cali. For starters, there is a haunted room out of the whole ship, and that room is room B340. The reason why this specific  room is haunted is because there were unknown deaths in this room, there were heart attacks that people did not even know what was the causes to them. When you first walk into the room there will be a wall full of the stories of how people died and what they saw when they were staying in this room. Also when you walk into the bathroom, have you guys the game called Bloody Mary, well there are the right way to play the game and once you walk into the bathroom there will be instructions on how to play the right way in the most haunted room in the ship. Like when i say this room is Haunted i mean it is really haunted because they have to take the number of the room off the wall because they lost count of people that had died in that room so they pretend that is does not exist so this is what they do after 30 years of having it close they finally open to guest but only for 30 days, yes a month only. But you are probably thinking well does that only room makes the whole ship haunted. Well No, The room does not make the whole ship haunted it make room b340 haunted but not the whole ship, there are really scary stories to this ship that nobody knows about. For example, the ship was used in the war world 1 and 2, so it haunted because of the people that were in the war and that had died may haunted the ship. Also it is even more haunted because of the people that had died there recently. Well there is a swimming pool that is haunted that they cause to shut down because of how haunted it is. So the story behind is that there is a girl named Jackie that haunts the pool, so Jakie was a pro at swimming, she loves swimming but for some weird reason the reason of her death is that she drowned in that same swimming pool and ever since that little girl that died drowning is haunting the swimming pool and when people go swimming Jakie will literary grab you by the foot and pull you down to die and feel what she felt when she died. There were so many deaths happening in that pool so the workers had to close it down because of it, and if you want to try to get into the pool you could not because they literally blocked everything and every way to the pool but wait if you do try there is a hallway that could also lead to the room B340 once again. Okay, enough of the scary history you are probably wondering about the actual history and that is that this ship. The Queen Mary was actually given the queen in London as a wedding gift. Then the queen decided that it will be big enough to be in the war world 1 and 2 and that is when that haunting began. But back in the days there was a place when there were in the sea and there was a place where they put crazy people at and that place still exist till this day. and if you guys wanna know more about the queen Mary you guys and go on the website of the queen Mary and it will give you the answer to your question.