Apple’s new Items 2019

Bethany Stringer, Reporter

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As most of you guys know Apple is one of the best technology companies there are. Apple has been making their own phones since 2007, and have made a good profit doing it. September 10, 2019 Apple came out with their newest iphone the iphone 11.   The new Iphone 11 is all about the camera’s new and better quality. They have three cameras on the back of the phone for wide-angle photography, higher resolution pictures, and much improved video recording. There will also be new AI- powered features for auto-correcting photos, putting people back into a frame when they’ve been chopped off, and live editing of a video while it’s being recorded. Also Apple is going to be revealing Google Pixel phones, with a focus on improving pictures taken in low-light environments. Also the Face ID camera will get an upgrade, letting people unlock their phones even if it’s flat on a table.


Wireless charging will be evolving as well, devices like AirPods and the Apple Watch can be charged by laying them on the back of your iphone. It’s a samsung like, feature that is more important since apple scrapped its Airpower multi-device charger. The Apple logo on the back of the phones will be centered so users know where to put their AirPods and watch for charging. Apple also does want the new devices to last longer. There has been a lot of talk about Apple charging high prices for replacing shattered iphones, but this years models are less likely to have that problem. The new iphones are said to withstand many types of drops with more shatter resistant glass and shock- resistance. The devices will also be able to survive under water for several hours, unlike the 30 minutes rating of the iphone Xs line. 


The iphone XR’s replacement will be getting a new camera too. Apple will add a second camera to the back of the lower-cost iPhone, giving it enhanced portrait mode ability and optical zoom. It will also come in a new color, green. It will get a faster A13 chip, like the new high-end models. Lastly they will also be canceling the Xs and Xs max and lower the price of theXR and the iPhone 8.