Incredibles 2 is a massive success

Jaileen Aguilar, Reporter

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In my movie review today I will be talking about Incredibles 2 that’s been out since June 15, 2018. At the beginning of this movie, it shows Tony talking about what he saw during a fight between the good guys and the bad guys. He saw Violet, who he liked, with a superhero mask on and freaked out so he ran away. To make him forget what he saw, they used an unusual machine which they placed on his forehead that would erase his memory.

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible had to defeat a super villain known as, The Mole Man, who was sucking up all the money from a bank with this vacuum. After everyone saw what was happening, they started to get scared. His kids and wife had to make sure no one was hurt and try to not let The Mole Man escape. Everyone was assigned a job which they needed to stick to; however, the two children, Violet and Dash, didn’t listen causing their plan to go downhill. Their job had been to simply stay there and take care of their baby brother, Jack Jack. Because they ruined their city and did not capture the villain, they got into trouble with the police department.

Violet had told her father about Tony seeing her in a superhero mask to assure that she and the rest of the Incredibles would not be identified. Since they didn’t have a place to stay, they were forced to stay in a motel. Soon enough they only had two weeks left to stay there until they would need to find a job or continue solving crimes as superheroes. While they were in custody, one of their close friends found them a job opportunity from a guy who was fond of superheroes. They met up with him and went to see what he was about. Eventually, they took the deal and ended up living somewhere else; somewhere much larger and much nicer than the hotel.

However, Mrs. Incredible was having second thoughts about taking the job because she would be breaking the law. She later took it. They stayed at their manager’s house since they could no longer stay in a motel. This job is supposed to help make superheroes legal instead of being illegal. It was Elastic Girl’s turn to go fight crime. While she’s fighting crime, Mr. Incredible stayed home and took care of the kids. During this time, something went wrong with the metro and it began going backward instead of forward. She had to go and save all of the passengers inside.


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